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Hello, a warm welcome to We are a team of energetic youths and we believe that we have better options in our hand. We are fighting a war with climate change, epidemics, hunger, pollution, and other environmental problems. Our mission is to write, publish, motivate, and advocate for climate action, green-economy, healthy life, sustainability, and environmental justice through direct and indirect involvement.

We are very pleased that you visited our website and if you are reading this, we can tell you certainly, you want to know more about us. First of all, thank you for visiting focus our blog on issues of environment, case studies, climate change, green economy, clean energy, water, air, food, and healthy life.

Who we are?

We are a team of passionate writers and we committed our future to fight for clean water, air, and enough food. We write to inspire people to make an act. We aim to convince people through our blog contents that our small act can make a big difference in saving our parks, forest, rivers, Himalayas and that cold polar bear. We write our content based on verified science publications, news journal and various available online resources. We speak science and encourage others to do so. Living Green Life is always committed to spreading positive information based on academic knowledge, experience, and research to inspire people. Join the #GoGreen movement so you can involve taking care of the earth, our future, and environment. If you have any issues with our content, any comments, compliments, everything is welcome, you can reach to us through the links at the bottom 

What we do?


When we talk about success in life we feel in a way that the measure of success can only be determined by how people are happy with their achievements and self-satisfaction. As we love to help people, our team has decent experience in livelihood, agriculture, urban transportation, climate change, and mitigation process. Our team believes that man and nature need to function simultaneously in a natural state for sustainability. We help people by means of volunteering, research, and various social services to increase their information level about environmental science, the importance of natural resources, climate change, etc. Ecological balance and sustainable development is a key weapon for the battle against climate change.

Earth is a combination of laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. Earth function within its natural rules. The earth provides for us life, air, water, food, place to sustain our needs of survival. We got to take care of natural habitat, biodiversity as it is in order to keep stable ecosystems, economy, and human progress.

The Ultimate War 


Against Climate Change

Humans must keep ecological systems and natural phenomena alive and work with them to be a part of it, to be in harmony with where we live, not against it. Fossils attributed to humans (H. sapiens), along with stone tools, dated to approximately 300,000 years ago, found at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco yield the earliest fossil evidence for anatomically modern Homo sapiens. However, at the peak of the industrial era, humans overused earth’s resources. The result is human civilization is fighting with various serious problems such as,

Humans are conscious organisms and supreme caretakers of nature, So it’s all up to you and me to decide what is right for us and the environment. Stop throwing papers and plastics into the trash instead reuse if possible or recycle. Go solar, install solar, and get rid of expensive fossil-generated electricity. Save energy by turning off lights, laptops, TV, AC, your Amazon Alexa, and Google home when it is not used to conserve energy. Stay closer to nature by gardening, composting, and creating minimum waste.



We Create Future


We all know everyone can make a difference. It’s our time to be a difference and inspire people around us to do the right thing. The right thing to do is the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. So, please join this movement of #Gogren #greenlifestyle #environment #ClimateAction #climatechange. If you use social media please post, share and involve in discussions on environmental issues and climate change. Let’s discuss climate change and the environment with friends, in class, school, social clubs, and family. We have a strong faith that this cause will certainly create a big and positive movement for mother nature. Everything is connected and everyone here is somewhat responsible for bad things happening to nature. Say yes to #greenlife, #gogreen, #ClimateAction, and #ActNow, cause we don’t have time. We promote environmental science, eco-friendly products, green technology, clean energy, and organizations that are working together for environmental justice. 

Our team needs your support for the best lifestyle trend of #GoingGreen #gogreen. You can support us to fight against the biggest war against greedy people, and corrupt organizations who didn’t pay their responsibility to mother earth. Please share this, follow us on social media and subscribe to our new letter subscription. We need justice, environmental justice. Let’s #Gogreen If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email us or leave a comment below. Any comment will be appreciated. Thank You!!! 

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