Soil health and why it is important for food security? Can we live better?

The soil is a resource bank for nutrients, water, air, and microbes, without these elements life on earth would be impossible. The soil is so important that it filters rainwater to fresh water by absorbing them and pumping water into underground aquifers.

Polar Vortex: A new Climate Science

What is a polar vortex? is it dangerous? (last updated February 20, 2019) Inside the article. Climate change evidence: polar vortex. definition of polar vortex. cause of polar vortex. does it matter to us? Polar Vortex: Backgrounds Talking about the terminology Polar vortex, It just dated back to 5 or 6 years. The US media first […]

Climate change secret revealed: win against climate denial

we committed to helping people to aware people about climate change, helping people make the connection themselves so they don’t change their thoughts simply in controversies.

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